• The standard of the industry.
  • Automatic, lightweight, easy to use and maintain.
  • Handles TSMI #11-17 stud sizes.
  • Inexpensive unit designed for fast feeding of studs into the TSIT stud tool.
  • Readily attaches with screw clamp.
  • Operates by manually turning the feeder basket.
  • Order the model 4048T for Truck Studs TSMI #19, TSMI #21 and TSMI #23.
  • Fully automatic.
  • Fast loading and provides positive stud orientation.
  • Feeds up to 225 studs per minute.

K-500A KIT consists of

  • TSIT-9
  • BWFP-9A feeder
  • the K-5A studding stand
  • The K-5A studding stand can be ordered separately.

BW0084 Spreader Finger 3
BW0087 O-Ring (head) 1
BW0088 O-Ring (piston) 1
BW0089 R-Ring 1
BW0091 O-Ring 1
BW0092 Piston Cup (large) 1
BW0095 Spring 1
BW0126 Inserting Finger 3
BW0127 Metering lever 3
BW0136 O-Ring (feed tube) 1
BW0383 Piston Cup