"The Classic". 2" Brass butterfly valve ensures maximum bead seating power. ASME Certified.


Light weight aluminum with push button trigger quick release valve. ASME Certified. Max PSI 165.


9 gallon aluminium bead seater with trigger release. ASME certified.


The original Bead Blaster. Uses a butterfly valve to quickly release air into the tire and seat the bead. 5 Gallon air tank is our most popular size. Works well on everything from quad tires to 24.5" medium truck tires.


The instantaneous blast of air from the 6 liter tank will work on truck (including super singles), passenger, motorcycle, ATV and small AG tires. The BB6L is intended for use on ATV, passenger, and light truck tires.


This XL model provides more volume for even larger tires, including some AG & OTR sizes. The BB9L is intended for use on passenger and commercial vehicle tires.