Ideal for vehicle service centers, auto dealerships and rental facilities. 1/4" inlet. 5-145 psi.


Ideal for attachment to inflation cages and tire changers. 1/4" inlet. 5-145 psi. Compact design for easy mounting.


Ideal for fleets, tire service centers and tire mounters. 1/2" inlet. 5-145 psi. Designed specifically for inflating large OTR tires.


Ideal for retread centers, tire service centers and tire mounters. 1/2" inlet. 5-145 psi. Leak detection test. Equipped with emergency stop control. Multiple purge cycle settings. Dual LCD screen.


Specifically designed to inflate 19.5 and larger or multiple truck tires. 1/2" inlet. 5-188 psi.


Specifically designed for high pressure tire inflation for the aircraft industry. Equipped with emergency stop control. Battery operated, lasts 5-10 days simple 110v connection to charge. 10-305 psi.


Specifically designed for OTR industrial, mining and continuous operation applications. Weatherproof hardware. Wet and dry tire pressure compensation for normal and liquid filled tires. Wireless temperature transmitter 1/2" inlet. 5-145 psi.


5-145 psi with .29 psi accuracy


5-145 psi with .29 psi accuracy


Rechargeable and portable.


Comes with 4 way manifold and 4 x 6' hoses with clip on chucks. Inflate up to 4 tires at once all at the preset air pressure. Great for mobile service fleets - Rechargeable and portable.


Programmable pre-set functions (P1&P2) for quick use with common inflation values. Large backlit LCD display with audible warning. 32' single straight (clip on) air hose included.


Standard inflate / deflate - Over pressure for tire shops; where new tires are fitted and you need to ensure that the tire inflates to a pressure where the tire seats properly on the rim then deflates automatically to the required preset pressure.


Same as ESC10965 but with a 4 hose & manifold package.