48" Wedge foot, spring handle, slide handle bead breaker.


Loosens tire bead from rim with leverage


Use on 5-piece rims 25” to 51” with pry bar/bead loosening pockets. 4-1/4” stroke, 13.8 ton ram will break the toughest beads. Same as IMT-1800. Use with any 10,000 p.s.i pump.


Works on single, two and three-piece truck tires/rims, including some new style wheels. Breaks beads in seconds using 10,000 lbs. of force. The “Combi” Bead Breaker will not work on five-piece earth mover giant wheel/rim. Model 10100 or 10105 required. Si


Heavy duty 10 tons of force to break the toughest beads. Breaks inside bead on outside dual farm tractor tires. Requires just 3" of operating space between dual tractor tires. No need to remove outside wheel to change tire on outside dual.


3.5 quart oil capacity

Rugged polyglass reservoir with sight gauge.

10,000 p.s.i. hydraulic pressure.

Easily works on rams and bead breakers with oil to spare.

Compact design easily fits storage bins.

Fastest pump available.


Rugged 5 quart metal reservoir.

10,000 p.s.i. hydraulic pressure.

Specifically designed for tire service trucks.

Air inlet filter keeps air clean.

All metal Air motor.


Lightweight - only 5 lbs.

Corrosion & rot-proof.

Will not absorb moisture.

Will support a 100 ton Air Hydraulic Jack.

Will not break under load, mushroom, or warp.

It works with all types of jacks


Reduce back injuries in shop.

Tire/wheel is rotated left or right on tiltable roller pads for perfect stud alignment.

Perfect for 8-10 hole Budd type wheels.

Removes tire/rim assembly fast and easy.

Increases productivity.


Light weight and easy to use. Pushes & Holds rim flange & tire back for easy O-ring and lock ring installation. Portable- fits in tire truck tool box; eliminates use of boom crane & cumbersome tire tools. Easy One Man Operation.


Redesigned bead breaker, works on all 3 piece wheels that replace older 5 piece wheels. Designed to work on front or back of wheel with no attachments or accessories. Clamps easily to wheel - no setup time.